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Terms & Conditions

Points of Importance

·         Suhail Academy takes special care to print all its books on the best quality offset paper available in the market. Moreover, all the titles (except children books 1 to 5) are produced in sturdy hard bound volumes with elegant dust covers.

·         Essentially the books are published for Pakistani readership and the above quoted prices are valid for Pakistan only.

·         The List of publication is arranged by Author names in alphabetical order.

·         Detailed Catalogue consisting of brief Introductions of books and the Profiles of their Authors is available separately.

·         The works printed in a lightly shaded background are works in translation.

·         The books with no prices shown against them are temporarily out of print.

·         The above mentioned prices are effective from April 15th , 2012. This List cancels all the price lists issued previously as well as the prices printed on the books.

·         Prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice. The prices would be charged according to the current rate at the time of the receipt of the order.


Trade Discount

·         15% Discount/ Commission is offered for libraries.        

·         Ordinary Wholesale/Trade Commission/Discount is 25% on a purchase of at least five titles.

·         On a purchase of at least 100 copies, either of a single title or an assortment of titles a Discount of 40% is offered except on the Children Books and The Translation of the Meaning of the Noble Qur’an.

·         40% Discount is available on the purchase of at least 100 copies of a single title or an assortment of titles from the Children Books.

·         30% Discount is available on a purchase of at least 100 copies of The Translation of the Meaning of the Noble Qur’an.

·         Commission/Discount would be offered only if the ordered titles are available in the stock.

·         No commission/discount beyond 40% would be available on any purchase. In case a tax has to be deducted at source, the same would have to be adjusted within the available discount.


Trade Policy

·         Customers are required to send their purchase orders on their official letterheads.

·         Titles of the books, Customers’ address and the mode of shipping have to be written clearly and legibly in capital letters along with the name of the transporters.

·         Purchase orders must be prepared after due consideration. The books dispatched according to the order will not be returned or exchanged with other titles.

·         The books are dispatched through the mode of shipping specified by the customers. Suhail Academy takes no responsibility for any loss, delay or damage during shipping and transportation.

·         Customers are requested to send the receipt of the delivery of goods according to their purchase orders. The books are dispatched according to the purchase orders sent by the customers after careful inspection. However, any discrepancy in billing or shortage/excess in the goods should be reported within ten days after dispatch. Delayed claims shall not be entertained.

·         All expenses pertaining to the dispatch of books i.e. packing, postage, shipping and transportation shall be borne by the purchaser.

  • The supplies can only be made of the available stock. Customers are requested to check the availability of the titles before placing their orders

Mode of Payment

·         Total payment must be made with the order in the form of Cash/Bank Draft/Money Order in the name of Suhail Academy.

·         Orders paid through cheques shall be dispatched after the clearance of the cheques. Expenses involved in clearing and bank transactions shall be borne by the customers.


Individual customers are required to send the price of the book with their orders in accordance with the Price List. Suhail Academy offers free packing and dispatch through registered post for these customers. Shipping through Courier Services would be charged to the customers.